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Having experienced life-changing challenges in 2020, I was inspired to reclaim my own health and fitness. I started off with simply walking and for the past five (5) months, SNAP Fitness North Lakes has become my local gym. This nineteen-month journey has included essential personal growth and learning regarding the power of mindset, motivational drivers, quality nutrition and supplements, and exercise physiology for wellbeing and vitality.
Owing to my visible physical transformation of sixty (60) kgs weight loss, others started naturally seeking my guidance and support to improve their health and fitness, and it is my greatest fulfilment to be able to inspire and assist people enhance their quality of life and achieve their goals.

For my own professional ethics and legitimacy, I am currently studying a Certificate III in Sports and Nutrition through the Australian Institute of Personal Training to ensure I am reliably providing best practice, quality advice to align with industry standards.
I am very proud to now be launching my own Extreme Nutrition brand of sugar free (or minimal sugar) supplements.

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Our mission at Extreme Nutrition is accessibility of quality, sugar free or low sugar protein powders and supplements for the average person through making smoothies and loaded teas to help others lose weight and enhance health and vitality, with boldness, energy and enthusiasm.